Our Advisory Board

The folks that make sure we deliver what you need to be successful!

Darrin Ginsberg

A widely recognized leader in the payments industry, Darrin has pretty much seen it all- or invented it! Over the past 20 years Darrin is responsible for building and selling various ISO’s nationwide, as well as developing and acquiring software/technology companies. These days Darrin spends most of his time reviewing deals for possible funding to either: Agents, ISO’s or Merchants through his various companies under Super G Holdings. His straight shooting style and candor can drive anyone to success. A motivator and inspiration to many, Darrin initially advised against developing G4 into the payments space due to the complexity of such a project. That bitter sweet truth motivated us to make sure our system was one of a kind that would truly change the payments space. 2 years later, Darrin is very proud of the progress and excited to be a part of the unveiling and success of G4. As an Advisor, Darrin will offer his wisdom in keeping G4 in the forefront of the industry as well as assist in various aspects of the company’s growth initiatives. It’s an honor to have Darrin on the team and this goes to show the direction G4 is headed.

Paul A. Rianda

Paul has been one of the few well known and respected industry attorneys for over 10 years. He has been in private practice his entire career except for his employment for three years at E-Commerce Exchange, an ISO that provided merchant accounts along with websites, payment gateways and related good and services. At E-Commerce Exchange, Mr. Rianda served as Chief Operating Officer, General Counsel and Secretary. His duties included direct responsibility for supervising over 100 employees in all aspects of risk management, underwriting, business development, sales and customer service. Mr. Rianda also participated in marketing E-Commerce Exchange to over 100 different leading Internet and Fortune 500 companies, which led to an equity investment by Summit Partners venture capital firm. The company later was marketing for a second time and was sold to iPayment, Inc. (Nasdaq:IPMT) prior to that company’s initial public offering. As an Advisor, Paul will offer his wisdom in keeping G4 at the forefront of the industry as well as counsel in the various legal aspects that come along with the success of G4. It’s an honor to have Paul on the team as he will be very instrumental in  G4’s short and long term initiatives.

Jeff Brodsly

Jeff knows what it takes to lead and manage a fast growing ISO from the ground up. His hard charging style demands up to the minute knowledge of virtually all aspects of his business. Jeff’s need to have automated technology transform into readable information at a detail level, yet view it from the 50,000 foot level, was instrumental in assuring we understood what it would take to really elevate and ISO. Jeff’s hands on understanding of the Agent world, the ISO world, and the Processor world saved us hours of trial and error through consulting with him and his firm. By finding “problems” with the current systems available to Jeff and his firm, this gave us a roadmap on how to provide “solutions” to each of these problems. These solutions now have catapulted Jeff’s newest ISO ,Chosen Payments, into one of the most efficient sales and operations ISO’s in the space. Chosen Payments has been honored with the First Data’s Presidents Club Award for the past two years, and Jeff recently was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year. As an Advisor, Jeff will continue to offer input on the evolution of G4 as well as be a voice for G4 to his peers whom may be able to benefit from using G4, as he has. It’s an honor to have Jeff on the team and Chosen Payments is a testament to the abilities of G4.