Through several years of industry research we have found the demand for a fully automated and centralized system heavily outweighed the supply; which before G4 was ZERO.

We understand that having numerous systems such as; CRM, application workflow, residual reporting and an agent portal are very important to successfully running any large or small ISO. In the same research we found that most ISO’s major strengths are the sales and marketing aspects of their business. But how much more successful could you be if you had software that allowed you to have all of your systems in one place, enabling automation to take over the bulk of your ISO’s operations?  And now imagine that it is your own and you can customize it to mirror the unique ways in which you operate?  And pay a FRACTION of the cost to develop it yourself?  That’s where G4 comes in.

We developed G4 to efficiently take over your operations, allowing the leaders of your ISO to focus on new sales and marketing initiatives. Our proprietary automation, logic and reporting will instantly save you thousands of dollars per month while immediately giving you something new to offer to your Agents/ISO’s and Merchants.