STOP Spending Money With Others and START Making

Money With Your Own Products!

Introducing G4

GO4PAYMENTS is a software development company dedicated to the payments processing industry who provides custom solutions to ISO’s.

Are you tired of paying monthly over and over for a product that doesn’t match your business?  Do you constantly wish you could make the software do what you want it to do?  Tired of being told “That’s not how the product functions”.  We are here to give you that complete custom solution for a fraction of the custom price.

G4 was originally designed for one of the nation’s most innovate ISO’s by some of the nation’s most experienced software developers. Through this quest we realized the industry was starving for a turnkey system that offers patent pending automation, which immediately saves ISO’s time and money while increasing the value they bring to their merchants. Thus G4 was born and is here to elevate your ISO.

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Track Your Growth

Monitor the performance of your team in real time

Automated Driven Solution

Use Automation to Work Smarter – Not Harder

Efficiently Track and Pay your Agents

Understand your Income Stream Within the First Week of the Month – not 3 Weeks Later!

Dashboards Provide Management Statistics

All the Information You Need in One Place

Merchants Receive Alerts And Batch Info Daily

Mobile ready solution that keeps your merchants in touch – from anywhere

Uniting Data From All Your Portals

Why go 10 places when you can go to one consolidated and automated system.

Merchant Facing Portal

Transaction information, statements, data analytics, social media and marketing

Why G4 is Right for You

  • Increase your sales
  • Recruit more agents
  • One centralized login
  • Pay residuals early
  • Communicate with your merchants

Meet Our Advisory Board

Darrin Ginsberg

Paul Rianda

Jeff Brodsly

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